Patent D entitles the driving of motor vehicles for the transport of persons with a number of seats greater than 9 including that of the driver (bus), mine only in own use. To govern buses and school buses you need now, the CQC people. Once it was necessary to have the B patent for at least 12 months or the C for 6 months, but to comply with Directives 91/439 / EEC this paragraph has been repealed, although it remains mandatory to have the B before the D


The B1 license is a category B license, we can say "the younger sister" of the B license for ordinary cars. is practical. Patent B1 is also subject to points reduction in the event of infringements.

Driving licence B, BE and B96

Patent B is the most known and obtained patent, because it is the one that allows the driving of common cars. We all know that it is achieved from the age of 18, through a theory exam and a driving test. We also know that it is subject to a reduction in the score if serious traffic offences are committed. But perhaps some clarifications can be useful... you are interested in studying the civil code of the road


Minimum age: 14 years (you drive the scooter 50cc) Maximum age: Follows the deadlines for the A license, that is: it is valid every 10 years up to 50 years of age, 5 years for those aged between 50 and 70 years, 3 years for those over 70 years, 2 years after 80 years.


The C license is the most requested license among the professional ones because it enables the driving of "trucks" or vehicles used to transport things on their own (for professional transport instead it is now required, in addition to the C license, also the CQC goods). From January 11, 2013, to govern limited tons trucks, it is possible to obtain the C1 license, which is more possible the C1 license, so it is more a small "compared to the C"


To govern motorcycles if they have three types of patents available: patent A1, A2 or A.Minimum age: Certificate A1: 16 years (up to 125) A2 license: 18 years License A: 24 years (all motorcycle displacements)